Saturday 25 September 2004

New Colchester ntl: proxies

Had some problems with ntl: proxies in Colchester today. Turns out that ntl: have added two more proxies and changed the host names. Hostnames are now:

Grouper not working through my Squid proxy

I've been playing with a new P2P application at but had problems feeding it through my local squid proxy.  Turned out not to be a problem with my local proxy but rather my ISP proxy.  I configured Squid to send requests directly to Grouper by adding the following to squid.conf:

#Grouper to go direct
acl grouper dstdomain
always_direct allow grouper

Sunday 19 September 2004

Great replacement for Enterprise SQL Manager

As you may be aware, MSDE comes with bugger all management tools.  I've used  SQL Web Data Administrator and MSDE.Biz Query in the past but found them to be limited.

DbaMgr2k is a fantastic replacement that allows you to do everyhting that Enterprise SQL Admin does.  I can backup, compact, repair and even automate tasks with MSDE with this great tool!

SQL Statement to purge logs over 7 days old

I searched for sometime to find this one.  Needed to clear some IIS HTTP and Exchange 2003 SQL logs.  Finally found this SQL statement that would do it:

WHERE LogTime < dateadd (day, -7, getdate() )


I couldn't get my XP SP2 box to connect to an MSDE instance after applying SP2 despite the System DSNs being setup and tested correctly before the installation of XP SP2.  Found that I had to go into the DSN and click "uses dynamic port" under client options and then change it back to a fixed TCP 1433 port.