Saturday 17 April 2010

Citrix Receiver on Ubuntu 9.10 x86

1. Install libmotif3
sudo apt-get install libmotif3

2. Create as needed by the Citrix receiver
cd /usr/lib
ln -s

3. Download the Citrix receiver as a TGZ file from

4. Extract this to a tmp directory and install
cd ~/Downloads
mkdir /tmp/citrix
cp linuxx86-11.100.158406.tar.gz /tmp/citrix/
cd /tmp/citrix
tar xvf  linuxx86-11.100.158406.tar.gz
sudo ./setupwfc

5. Follow the prompts - This is quite straight forward

6. Stop the EULA showing (As a blank dialog box)
 touch ~/.ICAClient/.eula_accepted

This now allows me to run Citrix apps through the web interface using Firefox.

Things still to fix:
Fix ugly Citrix GUI font
Authenticate to Xenapp View
Run access in Chrome

Changes for x64:
I had to download libmotif3 manually and copy stuff into lib32
This post helped a lot: