Monday 9 January 2006

How to remove ADC-GLOBAL-NAMES attribute

Had a problem with a mixed Exchange 5.5/2003 system where some Exchange 5.5 directory entries were refusing to synch into the Active Directory. Turns out the 5.5 directory entries were pointing to non-existent AD entries. I had to remove the ADC-GLOBAL-NAMES attributes by running Exchange 5.5 Administrator in raw mode (c:\exchsrvr\bin\admin.exe /r). Having done this, a full sync of the ADC got everything working again.

More details in Micrsoft support article 319474.

Unable to install Microsoft .Net 2.0 Framework

I've had a Windows update refuse to install on a couple of machines which are used for software testing. Turns out these machines had Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 beta1 and Visual J# Redistributable beta1 installed.

Machine #1 was easy, I just went to add/remove programs and removed the beta stuff but machine #2 did not show the beta software to remove.

I found a Microsoft KB article Q320112 but I am always squeamish about manually deleting stuff from the registry so I did it a slightly different way.

Firstly I downloaded beta1 of .Net 2.0 and J# packages from here and here.

Then I used the installer cache to uninstall J#
  • Start > Run > Installer
  • Right Click Date Modified
  • Select Comments
  • Click Comments
  • Scroll down to find Visual J# Beta
  • Right click and uninstall
Then I installed it from the downloaded file

Then I uninstalled it from add/remove programs.

Repeat for Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 beta1.

Finally I manually installed Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 from here.

CS Gallery Upload Manager Added

I've added the rather awesome CS Gallery Upload Manager to this CS 1.1 based site. It allows bulk photo uploads from Windows into CS.

You can find CHiwi's Blog here.

CS 1.1 Gallery Service Extension is here.

CS Gallery Upload Manager (Works with CS 2.0 and 1.1 with above extenstion) can be found here.