Monday 9 January 2006

Unable to install Microsoft .Net 2.0 Framework

I've had a Windows update refuse to install on a couple of machines which are used for software testing. Turns out these machines had Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 beta1 and Visual J# Redistributable beta1 installed.

Machine #1 was easy, I just went to add/remove programs and removed the beta stuff but machine #2 did not show the beta software to remove.

I found a Microsoft KB article Q320112 but I am always squeamish about manually deleting stuff from the registry so I did it a slightly different way.

Firstly I downloaded beta1 of .Net 2.0 and J# packages from here and here.

Then I used the installer cache to uninstall J#
  • Start > Run > Installer
  • Right Click Date Modified
  • Select Comments
  • Click Comments
  • Scroll down to find Visual J# Beta
  • Right click and uninstall
Then I installed it from the downloaded file

Then I uninstalled it from add/remove programs.

Repeat for Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 beta1.

Finally I manually installed Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 from here.

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