Sunday 25 October 2015

Strong SSL Security on nginx -

Great article on nginx SSL\TLS hardning.

Strong SSL Security on nginx -

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Friday 23 October 2015

Virginmedia broadband issues

Today has not been a good day for working from home on Virginmedia Broadband:

Saturday 17 October 2015

Windows 10 Store icon missing from taskbar

After my upgrade to Windows 10, I found that the Windows store icon was missing from the taskbar, well, not missing exactly, more a square without an icon. It launched fine but the taskbar icon wasn't there.

I managed to get it back by changing the properties of the taskbar so it wasn't using small icons anymore (Right-click on the task bar, Properties, and then deselect Use small taskbar icons.

I then removed the Store icon by Right-click and then selecting  Unpin this program from task bar.

I used search to find the Store application, and then Right-click, and then finally Pin to taskbar.

I can now have my taskbar using small or large icons and the Store icon is still visible.

Fix: Windows 10 Settings app does not open or launch

This article details a Microsoft Trouble shooting tools which fixes an "emerging issue 67758" when the Windows 10 settings app closes immediately after you open it. Worked for me!

Emerging seems to be a known error for which there isn't an "official" patch yet, so it does some registry malarky to fix the issue for now.

I wonder if I'll need to run ut again?

Fix: Windows 10 Settings app does not open or launch:

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