Saturday 30 April 2011

Flipboard for iPad

I'm really loving this free App for the iPad -
It presents Facebook, Twitter and other stuff as a magazine feed which makes it so much easier to read. Also makes it very easy to get to the original story. Still hampered by the iPads lack of support for Flash when the obect is a Flash video or game though.

The title screen rotates photos from your feeds:

The contents page gives you a summary of your feeds and again rotates the stories:

Here's an example Facebook page:

Here's an example Twitter page:

Letter from Therese Coffey MP on Health and Social Care Bill

Dr Therese Coffey MP
Member of  Parliament for Suffolk Coastal
House of Commons

020 7219 7164

07 April  2011

Dr Mr Foley,

Thank you for contacting me regarding the Government's Health and Social Care Bill.

The Government's plans to modernise the NHS retain the underlying principle - to ensure everyone is provide with great healthcare, free at the point of use and based on need and not ability to pay.

However, when the NHS faces the twin pressures of an ageing population and of advances in medicine, we must always be looking to modernise and improve our NHS services, starting now.

Additional funding was put in over the last 13 years and at the last election, the Conservative Party was the only party to pledge real increases for the NHS budget each and every year of this Parliament - and we have kept that pledge.

Despite the years of extra funding, productivity in hospitals has declined by 15 per cent over the previous 10 years. Despite the best efforts of its staff, the NHS doesn't achieve the best outcomes. Someone in this country is twice as likely to die from a heart attack as someone in France, survival rates for cervical, colorectal and breast cancer are amongst the worst in the OECD and premature mortality rates from respiratory disease are worse than the EU average. Despite previous reforms, the number of managers in the NHS doubled under the previous Government and whole tiers of bureaucracy continue to restrict the decisions of doctors and nurses.

The new Health Bill will give responsibility for the majority of the NHS budget to frontline family doctors - instead of remote Primary Care Trusts - so that they can shape services according to the needs of the patients they see every day. This key change to the bottom-up, patient-centred approach in the NHS was in the Conservative Party manifesto and in the Coalition Agreement.

The changes we are making are clear:
  • Shifting power and resources from the back-office to frontline staff and communities
  • Devolving decision-making power from bureaucracy to doctors and nurses
  • Giving patients more information and choice about where they are treated
  • Introducing local accountability with a new powerful role for local Government

As a result of these modernisation plans, the NHS will be able to save £5 billion by reducing the unnecessary administration in the NHS over this Parliament. Because the Government is protecting the NHS budget, all of these savings will be reinvested where they should be - in treating patients.

We are making real progress:
  • Since the General Election, there are 3,000 fewer managers (beginning to reverse the doubling in the number of managers under Labour) and 2,500 more doctors - and our new 'Health and Wellbeing Boards' to drive integration and democratic accountability in the NHS are being established in 90% of the country
  • Groups of GPs from over 6,500 practices now cover 45 million people in our 'pathfinder consortia', taking the lead in improving local NHS services
  • We are being more transparent about hospital performance: on things like hospital-acquired infections, and the number of times patients are placed in mixed-sex accommodation

But we also recognise there are some big questions about what we're doing. Patients and carers want to see how our changes will improve services for them. Doctors and nurses are asking about what are plans will mean for them. We hear that - and we want to continue to work with them.

Concern has been expressed on timing and suggestions are being made that GP commissioning is untested. This is not the case. GP commissioning already exists today and there are a large number of doctors across Suffolk who have formed consortia as Pathfinders. Learnings will be taken from them and used across Suffolk and the country to make the transition.

Now that the Health and Social Care Bill has successfully completed its Committee stage in the Commons, we're going to take the opportunity of a natural break in the legislative process to pause, listen reflect and improve. This is a genuine listening exercise: where there are good suggestions to improve the legislation and the implementation of our plans, changes will be made.

The Government is shortly launching a website - - which will allow everyone to have their say. A series of events will be staged to hear from the NHS directly and a team of frontline doctors and nurses are to be recruited to act as expert advisers - the NHS Future Panel - on our modernisation plans.

I can assure you that this is not about the NHS being privatised or other incredible suggestions. It is about having an NHS that truly puts the patient at its heart, has confidence in GPs making clinical decisions and together deciding how tratment can and should be made.

Yours sincerely,
T. Coffey

Free service to view\remote control -

Very simple to use with Windows, Mac, Android and IOS support. allows you to share your screen with 1 or more people. No sign in or software installation required, though there are Apps for Android and IOS.

The presenter (on a Windows PC):

Joining (from an iPad):

In action on a PC:

In action on an iPad:

Problem When Maximising Chrome

Had an issue appear recently. When I maximised my Chrome browser, it was slightly wider than the screen. This meant that the wrench icon slightly moved off the screen, but more importantly, the right side vertical scroll bar was positioned off the screen. I could resize it manually, but this was just slightly inconvenient.

This is how it looked:

I am running the developer version so it may well be a bug introduced in this version (12.0.742.12 dev-m):

I discovered that removing the theme caused the browser to behave as expected:

Friday 29 April 2011

Problems using iPad on Office 365 Beta

I had some problems connecting my trial iPad to the Office 365 beta. I put all my credentials in but the iPad kept prompting for a server. I entered the server name as used by the Outlook account, but this didn't seem to work. Seems that has now worked fine.

Thanks to this post:

TomTom Data used by Police to set Speed Traps

Another misuse of data gathered from members of the public. The reported case was in the Netherlands, but I wonder if the same case is true in the UK?

You can find a statement from TomTom here:

Sunday 24 April 2011

iPhone or iPad Tracker

There has been a little bit of a storm recently about the iPhone\iPad tracking database that was recently discovered on the device, and on computers used to backup the device.

I've used an OSX App to take a look at the data on an iPad I'm evaluating.

I live in Felixstowe and commute to Huntingdon, with the odd bit of work in Peterborough and Cambridge.

This is the data collected around my commute:

Note the odd one near Norwich and the ones around the North East of London? Well, I haven't been there since I've had this device. Notice also that the points seems to cluster around larger towns - I've used Waze on this iPad while driving so I was a bit surprised that the dots didn't follow the route that I use, the A14.

Here's a zoomed in part around where I live. The dots appear to be in a regular grid with only one small dot on my house:

It seems that the iPad\iPhone is only storing an approximation of your devices location.

The App I used can be obtained here:

They also have a nice FAQ:

Links to news stories here:

Saturday 23 April 2011

Transfer of Blog progress...


I'm having to move each post by hand, and after about 50 or so I get hit by Captcha word verifications:

This is slowing it down a little bit, so I'm about 100 out of 300 copied.

Thursday 21 April 2011

Dropbox have access to your encrypted files

Many, many, people use DropBox to share files between computers and each other.

I think you seriously have to question a service whom have access to the encryption keys of these files and can release them without the judgement of a court, indeed, even to protect thier own "property" rights.

Apparently this is a recent change, and you can read the DropBox privacy policy here.

Sunday 17 April 2011

Saturday 16 April 2011

Please standby...

Trying to transfer my posts from to here...

Friday 15 April 2011

Convert Windows 7 from KMS to MAK License Keys

Installed some Windows 7 Professional VM's to find that they had defaulted to KMS licensing.

It was relatively easy to convert from KMS to MAK with the following command lines:
  1. Install the product key (replace with your key):
  2. Activate:
    slmgr /ato
  3. Display license information:
    slmgr /dli
Thanks to this post for most of the help: