Thursday 13 April 2006

PC line PCL-RP100 Rumble Game Pad

I always like to install the latest drivers but when buying OEM hardware it proves difficult to track down the drivers.

For this particular device it proved to be a company called Ruling Technologies.
I am also informed by Glen that:
Is the manufacturer, drivers are by Padix (same company)
Work fine with XP but not with Vista
Enjoy :-)

Blog Offline

Ooops. Blog has been offline for a couple of days because I had a server issue. Seems one of my recurring SQL jobs didn't finish within 24 hours and got it's knickers in a right old twist. Disk utilisation was through the roof and I stopped IIS services as a troubleshooting step. Problem was, I forgot to restart them!

Strange thing with the SQL job was I restared SQL server and the job (SMTP Log Trim) ran manually fine..... Hmmmm....