Wednesday 23 July 2014

3PAR Users Group › View topic - How to Unexport a VVol from one host at a time.

3PAR Users Group › View topic - How to Unexport a VVol from one host at a time.:

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Saturday 12 July 2014

Install CentOS 7 Into VirtualBox

1. Create VM
  • 16GB Dynamic Drive
  • 2 vCPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • PAE
  • 128MB Video
  • 3D Acceleration

2. Install OS
  • Attach DVD Image
  • Start VM
  • Right-Ctrl is the default host key (to free mouse and keyboard)
  • Test Media (Optional) or Install
  • Choose Language 
  • Software Selection - Development and Creative Workstation
  • Installation Destination - Select disk and automatic partitioning
  • Network and Hostname - Enable and configure required NIC and Hostname
  • Begin Installation
  • Set root password
  • Create your non-root user (make user administrator)
  • Wait :)
  • Reboot
  • Accept license
  • Finish configuration
  • Configure Kdump
  • Logon

3a. Patch (GUI)
  • You only need to do 3a. or 3b. not both as for all the following (a) and (b) sections.
  • Need to update before compiling Guest Additions else newly downloaded software will not match existing versions
  • Applications > System Tools > Software Update
  • Install Updates
  • Reboot

3b. Patch (CLI)
  • sudo yum update
  • Reboot
Sections 4 and 5 are optional - There are no RHEL\CentOS7 DKMS modules available yet, but I have left these sections in for reference.

4a. Add RPMForge repo (GUI)

4b. Add RPMForge repo (CLI)

5. Install DKMS
  • sudo yum install dkms

6. Install development tools
  • sudo yum groupinstall “Development Tools”
  • sudo yum install kernel-devel

7. Install Guest Additions
  • There appears to be a bug with building the additions from the addition CD
  • Details here:
  • Matthew Casperson has kindly made a patched version in his blog 
  • Download
  • Extract using bunzip2
  • Extract using tar
  • Install using sudo ./