Monday 29 November 2004

Showing Security Page in Exchange 2000

To show the security page in Exchange 2000 admin create the following registry key:

DWord: ShowSecurityPage: 0x00000001

Sunday 28 November 2004

Felixstowe Broadband TV

Have you seen Felixstowe TV?  It's a broadband TV station for the local community that should be supported.

Halflife2 Blue Gravitygun

Completed this game last night and really loved the new gravity gun.  I won't say much about it as I don't want to spoil the game for anyone but if you've finsihed and want to make this appear earlier in the game here's how:

Enable the console:
Options > Keyboard > Advanced > Enable Developer console

Press the tilde key (usually under escape key) and enter the following:
sv_cheats 1
map d3_citadel_04
*wait for it to load*
changelevel d1_trainstation_01
*wait for load*
give weapon_physcannon

You might want to change the d1_trainstation_01 map to something you want.  Use the "maps" command for a list.

Thanks to "Strider" over at

Saturday 27 November 2004

Administering IIS 6.0 From Windows XP

I didn't realize that you couldn't remotely administer IIS 6.0 from Windows XP.  I have PWS installed on Windows XP which is IIS 5.1.  There is a download here that will let you administer IIS 6.0 from Windows XP.

Thursday 25 November 2004

Community Server Beta1 - Part Deux

I mentioned Comunity Server Beta 1 here.
I've got it setup and working here.
Remember, it's only beta, but tell me what you think!

Monday 22 November 2004

Community Server Beta1

The product that replaces .Text (what this blog is running in) is out.  You can find more details here.


Just a quick word about this nice gadget.  I make great use of spell checkers where ever I go but notice that many websites do not offer any spell checking for submitted forms.  If you click on the spell checker in .Text it suggests that you install ieSpell.

Well worth it in my opinion as it's free for non-commercial use.

Sunday 21 November 2004

WUS Beta 2

I tried installing WUS Beta 2 today but found I couldn't install it into an existing MSDE instance.  I went ahead and installed it into a new WMSDE instance and then used DbaMgr2K to backup and restore the SUSDB to the existing MSDE instance.

I then edited the registry to point at the new DB by editing the key:

It seems to be working!
(Image lost due to Blog move)