Thursday 19 July 2007

Greylisting on Exchange 2003

A massive increase in Spam, particularly PDF attached stock scams, has happened here recently.

I decided to look for something different and found this free Greylisting product for Exchange 2000\2003.

Wednesday 18 July 2007

VMWare Server v1.0.3 unable to bridge to wireless network on Vista

I've been trying to test some printing configurations on SLES 10 SP1 but I couldn't get my laptop running Windows Vista Ultimate and VMWare Server v1.0.3 to successfully bridge onto the wireless adaptor.

I could use NAT but then it was difficult to test connectivity to the server.

Having hunted around a bit I found this useful post: Abstract path:VMWare, Wireless Network Adapter and Bridging

This pointed to a VMWare article which allows the Vista adaptor bridging feature to be enabled between the onboard wireless card and the virtual adaptor created by VMware.

Before this fix I could only contact the host wireless IP address, now I can connect to everything but! If anyone knows how to get the VMWare native bridging feature to work, please get in touch.

N.B. The only step missing from the above articles was that you must create a VMware virtual adaptor (I used adapator #2) and delete the DHCP scope for it. Fail to do the and you will leak DHCP onto your wireless network!

SkyAnywhere on Vista?

SkyAnywhere has been running well on my laptop for sometime. I had to flag it to run as an administrator but everything worked.

Today it insisted on downloading an update when I fancied watching a film, but then refused to run it because my machine wasn't running XP.

After a search I found this thread which allowed me to run it again!