Saturday 7 August 2004

Supporting the Inspiron 5100 keyboard volume keys in Linux

I wanted to get the volume keys from the Inspiron keyboard working in Suse 9.1.

I had to do three things to get this working:

1. Control Centre > Regional & Accessibility > Keyboard Model > Laptop/Notebook > Dell Inspiron 8xxx

2.  Replace the volume mixer with KAMix instead of the default (forgot what that was)

3. Assign the volume up and down keys to the volume control in KAMix by:
KAMIX > Settings > Configure shortcuts

I did try to setup a DCOP server setting to the original mixer but could not get this to work.

1 comment:

  1. As of SUSE 9.2 (KDE 3.3.0) KMix has changed a little. You can now only set the mute control in the main settings menu, if you want to assign the menu keys you must right click above the volume slider and choose settings here. DO NOT set mute in the volume slider menu and main menu as they will conflict.