Monday 21 March 2005

One of those D'OH! moments

Sometime last night (or more accurately in the early hours of the morning) my Server 2003 box decided it wasn't going to have a default gateway anymore. The problem first made itself known when we started getting "Mail Delayed" messages back from Exchange. On investigating the problem using Remote Desktop I found that even though a default gateway was set in the LAN properties, "ipconfig /all" and "route print" showed that the box wasn't honouring it. I then made the brilliant decision to disable and re-enable the LAN card.

D'OH! Remember, I was using Remote Desktop to do this! Luckily I had an EMS connection to the Server so I was able to re-enable the connection from there. I'm lucky that 2003 supports this, unlike 2000, else I would have to crawl around attaching cables to my headless server.
(Image lost due to Blog move)

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