Saturday 24 June 2006

SUSE 10.1 Wireless on Dell Inspiron 5100

As always I had to use ndiswrapper to get my wireless working but this time was the easiest ever. I followed the following proceedure:
  1. Downloaded the latest drivers for my minipci from here. Bear in mind that I am in the UK so these are the non US/Japan drivers. Click here if you want the US or Japanese drivers. (If you don't want to download the 48MB packages you can find the UK bcmwl5.inf and bcmwl5.sys as a download here.)
  2. Used Yast to install ndiswrapper. It seems that Novell have split the drivers into tools&docs in one package and kernel modules in another. I selected ndiswrapper-1.10-19 in Yast and it auto selected ndiswrapper-kmp-default-1.10_2.6.16.13_4-19 for my Kernel.
  3. Followed the instructions I found in /usr/share/doc/packages/ndiswrapper/README.SUSE. (Copy here.)
  4. The only thing that didn't work was the WEP key instructions. Because I elected to use the new user mode network control I had to use the Network applet to join the wireless network.
    (Image lost due to Blog move)

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