Sunday 2 May 2010

Ubuntu x64 10.04 - Inital issues

Decided to upgrade to Ubuntu 10.04 using an in place upgrade - This failed horribly. There were several errors to do with likewise-open (my laptop belongs in a Windows AD domain). The final one told me that it had left my distro in an unusable state (some 3 hours into the upgrade).

I took the opportunity to reinstall the x64 version of 10.04 but ran into a few issues.

1. The Citrix ICA client install is complicated somewhat by the x64 architecture. The ICA client assumes you're running an x86 environment with 32 libs and a 32bit browser. It's fairly easy to work round - See the previous post.

2. The Cisco VPN client is a bit flakey. I can connect fine from the command line using vpnc, but the Gnome GUI hardly ever works. Sometimes it asks me for the password, only to fail the connection. Sometimes it doesn't ask me anyhting, just tells me the connection has failed. Sometimes it does nothing at all. I would prefer to use the GUI because you get a nice visual app showing if you're connected to the VPN or not.

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