Saturday 7 May 2011

Liberal democrats lose three seats in Felixstowe West

Nice result! I think one Liberal Democrat stood down, and the other two lost thier seats.
I would have preferred to have had a choice of candidates other than the the three major parties.
I'd be prepared to vote for an independent candidate or some of the minor parties...

FELIXSTOWE WEST (3 seats) - CON GAIN, LAB GAIN 2  Stephen Gerald BEEDLE - Conservative (546 votes)
 Stuart Michael BIRD - Conservative - ELECTED (590 votes)
* Henry James DANGERFIELD - Liberal Democrat (547 votes)
 Jeremy Robert MOORE - Conservative (503 votes)
 Margaret Anne MORRIS - Labour - ELECTED (574 votes)
John MULLEN - Labour (535 votes)
 * Michael Robert James NINNMEY - Liberal Democrat (479 votes)
 Michael John SHARMAN - Labour - ELECTED (590 votes)
Peter Robert WOODS - Liberal Democrat (454 votes)
 Turnout: 37.3%
 Electorate: 4,840

*Indicates defending councillers

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