Saturday 18 June 2011

Virgin Media - Faster upload speeds

Virgin Media are rolling out upload speeds of 10% of your broadband download speed.
Ipswich (including Felixstowe) are due to get it next month.

More info here:

Looks like we're due to get 100Mb downloads in September :)


  1. Update posted on 14/09/11 now indicates Nov 11 for the 100Mb update. Ipswich is now listed as such rather than Copdock:

  2. Got it installed on 28/12/11.
    Not terribly impressed with the Superhub, but the speed seems to be better than the 50Mb connection.

  3. I found an issue with the configuration - The default config was trying to use two 2.4GHz channels, but even in rural Felixstowe, I couldn't get a stable config and the default "auto" setting for the channels ended up meaning we had real issues with speed and connectivity. The channels kept changing, and I couldn't find a stable pair of channels to use.
    In the end, I toned it down to one channel, supporting a maximum throughput of 144MBs, and now see close to the theoretical 100Mb down\10 Mb up speeds. I'll do a speed test when the kids aren't gaming, streaming or downloading!