Tuesday 10 January 2012

Linksys SRW Switch CLI | tepasom.com

Hidden CLI for Linksys SRW switches:
1.) ssh, telnet, or console into the switch as you normally would. Do not use the http/web interface.
2.) Log in with the menu system, using a valid, existing, account.
2.a) Provide the username and password, then "execute".
2.b) The "Operation complete" response is received. Press any key.
3.) At the "Switch Main Menu", Press CTRL+z.
4.) A carrot > command line will appear. Type in "lcli" (Light-weight Command Line Interface?) and press Enter.

Commands available are:
clear Reset functions
clock Manage the system clock
configure Enter configuration mode
copy Copy from one file to another
crypto Cryptographic commands
debug-mode Exit from the EXEC to debug mode
delete Delete a file from the flash file system
disable Disable privileged commands
dot1x 802.1x EXEC commands
exit Exit from the EXEC
help Description of the interactive help system
login Exit from the EXEC and Log in
no Negate command
ping Send echo messages
reload Halt and perform a cold restart
resume Resume telnet session.
set Set System Parameters
show Show running system information
telnet Open telnet session.
terminal Set current session functions
test diagnose
traceroute Discover the routes to destination

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The mcli password 'adminmcli' was found here:

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