Saturday 6 July 2013

Install Windows 8.1 Preview - 0xC1900101 - 0x4000D

Trying to update on-line or with a downloaded CD of Windows 8.1 preview gave me the following problem - Bluescreen on startup follwed by system reverting to Windows 8.

This blog post pointed me in the right direction:

This site pointed me to an uninstall option for AKSDF.SYS:

 I'm not sure when this was installed (this was originally an update from Windows 7) but the following applications were installed on the same day:

Removing these applications didn't remove the Sentinal SafeNET driver, but thanks to the Pulsonix site, I was able to find a command line uninstaller.
  1. Visit the SafeNet Downloads site
  2. Download the Sentinel HASP/LDK - Command Line Run-time Installer
  3. Extract it
  4. Open a CMD prompt as an administrator
  5. From the extracted files directory, run haspdinst -info and you should see the installed version you have, and the installer version enabled
  6. Run haspdintst -r to remove
  7. Run haspdinst -info again to confirm removal
I didn't try the upgrade by upgrading the SafeNet driver, just removing it.

I'm not really sure what the SafeNet software does, it's all rather vague on the site - Anyone know?

"SafeNet has more than 25 years of experience in delivering innovative and reliable software licensing and entitlement management solutions to software and technology vendors worldwide. Easy to integrate and use, innovative, and feature-focused, the company’s family of Sentinel® Software Monetization Solutions are designed to meet the unique license enablement, enforcement, and management requirements of any organization, regardless of size, technical requirements or organizational structure."

Now, just the Intel Express 4 Video driver issue to crack.

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