Saturday 25 October 2014

Ubuntu 14.10 Install VirtualBox Guest Additions

I've had reasonable results with Ubuntu running under VirtualBox by using the repository VirtualBox Guest utilities.

Install Synaptic from a terminal using:
$ sudo apt-get install synaptic
Once installed, run synaptic using:
$ sudo synaptic
Search for the package virtualbox-guest-utils and select it for installation. It will a few other packages for installation, and after a reboot it will be fine.

You can get some more up to date utils by installing from the ISO image, but this requires installing some pre-requisites first.

You can find that info here:
I haven't tested this for a while, but you need the following pre-requisite packages:
  • build-essential
  • module-assistant
You also need to prepare the system to build modules using:
sudo m-a prepare
You can also avoid rebuilding modules manually by installing dkms.

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