Saturday 16 May 2015

Oracle Linux as a replacement for RHEL\CentOS

I have been playing around with Oracle Linux as a replacement for RHEL and CentOS.

Unlike RHEL, updates are available without a support contract.
Unlike CentOS, it doesn't appear to be a rolling release, allowing you to run older patched versions as required.

Useful URLs so far:

Download (You need a free Oracle account):

Public update sever:

How to switch to Oracle Unbreakable Kernel:

How to install VirtualBox guest additions:

How to limit the number of installed Kernels:

Anyone know of a way to stop the version upgrading from 7.0 to 7,1 for example?


  1. Seems the answer is not to subscribe to the "_latest" repos. But this will likely make you vulnerable to security issues. Oracle state that point releases are "binary compatible":

  2. Looks like there is a _patch channel for preventing rolling release but only for paul ULN subscriptions.