Monday 28 February 2005

I hate Mondays (sometimes/mostimes)....

Training in London this week so caught the 06:38 into Liverpool Street from Ipswich which is supposed to arrive at 07:59 but didn't arrive till 08:25, some 26 minutes late. Arrived back at Liverpool Street to catch the 18:00 back to Ipswich to arrive at 19:08 but because the rail situation was all stuffed up I had to catch the 18:30. This did not make it into Ipswich until 20:22 so I was 1:14 late.

One state that engineering work will continue till 12:00 tomorrow causing 2 of the four lines going into London to be closed until then. We're told this will lead to alterations to service but I can't find any details of these!

Looks like I'll be catching the 05:53 tomorrow, so if I go to bed (been in for 20 minutes) now, I should just about manage 7 hours sleep!


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