Monday 21 February 2005

Suse 9.2 Bootsplash not working

I installed Suse 9.1 home from downloaded CDROM's , upgraded it to 9.1 professional via the Suse website and then upgraded it again to 9.2 Professional from the downloaded DVD.

The Bootsplash screen was not working. After a bit of digging I found that the file '/etc/sysconfig/bootsplash' contained the line 'Theme="SuSE-Home" but that the SuSE-Home theme (bootsplash-theme-SuSE-Home.rpm) was no longer installed.

I did have the SuSE Professional theme (bootsplash-theme-SuSE) installed though so I edited the line to read 'Theme="SuSE"' which matched the name in the '/etc/bootsplash/themes' directory.

I executed mkinitrd which attached the appropriate image to the initrd and everything is sweet now.

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