Friday 11 February 2005

Red-carpet problems with Suse 9.2

I wanted to install the latest Evolution\Ximian connector for Exchange combination but I had quite a few problems with the red carpet daemon crashing on me. I verified it was crashing by using "sux -" to switch to root and then ran it in non-daemon mode "rcd -n". After reviewing the errors it seemed to have a problem so I looked at /var/log/rcd/rcd-messages:

Feb 11 15:39:55 [6811] Unable to download service info: IO error - Soup error: Connection terminated unexpectedly (7)
rcd has crashed.
Attempting to write backtrace to /tmp/rcd-crash.23380
Error while mapping shared library sections:

I couldn't get it working again so I downloaded the latest red-carpet and red carpet daemon. They were hard to find but I found them here:

After some experimentation I was able to get it to start again by using the command line "rcd -n -m" so as not to load any modules. After this I managed to start it again normally using "/etc/init.d/rcd start".

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